Organizational and legal bases of holding operational-investigating activities

  • К.Т. Ushurov


In this article, the author updates the directions of development of the theory of operational-investigative activities in terms of the consideration of the organizational and legal basis for conducting operational-investigative measures. The purpose of this article was to study and analyze the concept, content, conduct and use of the results of operational-investigative activities. The relevance of the issue under consideration is due to the fact that the activity on the disclosure of crimes often involves the use of materials obtained as a result of conducting operational search activities based on the principles of legality, respect for rights and freedoms, respect for the dignity of the person, equality of citizens before thelaw, on the basis of conspiracy, Vowel and unspoken methods, professional ethics. In this connection,the author offers to consider the organizational and legal aspects of carrying out operational-investigativeactivities.The author substantiates the directions of improving the organizational and legal aspects of carryingout operational-investigative activities, in particular: scientific support, methodological support, thestudy of the organizational and legal aspects of carrying out operational-investigative activities throughan integrated approach.The legal basis for the study was: The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of theRepublic of Kazakhstan of September, 15, 1994 No. 154-XIII “On Operational-investigative Activities”,the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 4, 2014 No. 231-V ZRK.Thetheoretical significance of the article is in a comprehensive study of operational-investigative activities,systematization of knowledge on them.The conclusions made in this article can be used in the educational process and research activitieson the improvement of the legal basis of the operational-search activity, the practical work on the improvementof the organizational and legal basis for the operational-search measures.Key words: operational-investigative activity, operational-investigative legislation, principles ofoperational-investigative activities, operational-investigative measures.
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