In 1955 a law faculty was established on the basis of the Almaty Law Institute of state higher educational institution of Kazakhstan. He is using modern teaching methods, trained and graduated high-level lawyers.

In early 1956, The AUI Bulletin  was published. The most famous articles of Zimanov S.Z, Vaksberg M.A., Dyukova L.V., Sartaeva S.S. and other well-known lawyers were published in the journal series.

On November 25, 1999, the scientific journal  The Bulletin of KazNU, the Legal Series, was registered by the Ministry of Culture, Information and Public Consent of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also meets the requirements of the Order of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of May 10, 2012 No. 591 "On approval of requirements to scientific publications , recommended by the Committee on the Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the publication of the main results of scientific activities".

The journal publishes scientific articles on topical issues of legal science, the theory of state and law, as well as on all branches of Kazakhstan and international jurisprudence.

The journal has an international editorial board, which includes and includes experienced and famous foreign scientists: A. Trunk (Germany), V. Lisitsa (Russia), B. Burhard (Germany), S. Montekilo (UAE), Thomas Hoffman (Estonia) Shelukhin SI, Hans YohimShramm (Germany), Aliyev A.I. (Azіrbayzhan), AL Repetskaya (Khakassia).

The composition of the editorial board of The Vestnik of KazNU, the Legal Series, has been updated since 2017, the editorial board includes doctors of law, Kenzhaliev Z.Zh. (Kazakhstan), Dzhansarayeva R.E. (Kazakhstan), Tynybekov S.T. (Kazakhstan), Useinova G.R. (Kazakhstan), Zhatkanbaeva A.E. (Kazakhstan), Aliyev A.I. (Azerbaijan), Repetskaya A.L. (Khakassia); PhD in Law Malikova Sh.B. (Kazakhstan); Dr. PhD Kabanbayeva GB (Kazakhstan), Thomas Hoffman (Estonia), Shelukhin SI (USA), Hans Johim Schramm (Germany) etc.

The scientific editor is Doctor of Law, Professor Baideldinov Daulet Laikovich, Executive Secretary of the journal, Candidate of Law Smanova Akmaral Bakhtiyarovna, technical secretary master of laws Duzbaeva Saltanat Bekbolatovna.