Legal problems of environmental safety of Kazakhstan

  • A.E. Esenaliev
  • S.B. Bekzhigtova
  • K.K. Uteeva


The purpose of the state policy in the field of environmental safety is to ensure the protection of natural systems, the vital interests of society and the rights of the individual from threats arising from human and natural impact on the environment. The President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan noted the health, education and well-being of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the fourth long-term priority. Among this priority are the issues of disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles, combating drug addiction and drug trafficking, reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption, improvingthe health of women and children, improving nutrition, clean environment and ecology. In accordancewith this, it is very appropriate to signal scientists and the whole society in connection with the contradictionsbetween the importance of the use of natural resources for humans and the need to protect thenatural environment. The task arises to mitigate the negative consequences and damage caused to theenvironment by particularly important natural resources, to minimize their consequences and to createmeasures for the reproduction of natural resources. To do this, there are needs to address the followingchallenges: reducing the anthropogenic impact that leads to climate change and ozone depletion; preservationof biodiversity and prevention of desertification and land degradation; rehabilitation of ecologicaldisaster zones, military space polygons and test complexes; prevention of pollution of the Caspian seashelf; prevention of degradation and pollution of water resources; elimination and prevention of naturalpollution, air pollution, radioactive, bacteriological and chemical, including transboundary pollution;industrial and household waste; prevention of natural and man-made emergencies.Key words: environment, national security, natural resources, national interests, threat to watersecurity.
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